For starters I have always been a person who gets their bills paid and pays them on time.


I have never manged to actually save money or went completely debt free! Ohhh the dreaded CREDIT CARDS! No, just say “NO” from now on! This is tough pill to swallow for me. As soon as I turned 18, I think I had roughly 3-4 credit cards. Mostly store cards like Victoria Secret, The Buckle and a few others. Over the years I would use them, max them out then slowly pay on them. Max them out again and slowly pay again. It’s what the companies are looking for, that’s what they want you to do so you pay them that 26% interest! AHH!

I found an awesome spreadsheet on another blog that I just have to share. To start off on the right foot, you need to make sure you understand your budget! I have seen that zero budgets work very well! You want to know where every single dollar is going. Each has a purpose and needs to be used for that purpose.  This spreadsheet is one that you can open in excel and fill in yourself.  It is based off of Dave Ramsey’s Budget teachings. I have read his book and decided it was the best process for me. So when I found this blog, I was beyond excited to have a spreadsheet already done for me that I can input my information into, it calculates everything out to make sure I am zeroed out for each pay period and for the month as a whole and then print it out. The month of goes in my wallet and then future months go in my planner, and I’ll note if I need to make adjustments. If so, I’ll open the saved file and make the needed changes! The link is below. I will go into more detail about how to use it in the next post!

Faithful Provisions Spreadsheet


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